Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fashion Show - Do or Don't?

The Team had a meeting yesterday, and some sweet realities settled. First, since we're not all going to be here over the summer, pulling off an exciting and successful fashion show would be a huge challenge. Also, none of us are actually from Ottawa, so we need more time to get our feet wet, meet more folks in Ottawa's fashion culture, and build up to an event that'll be phenomenal! the meantime, we're nurturing another idea.
The fashion show was born of 1) the need to have something to do, 2) spend time with women we love being around, and 3) focus on something we all have in common, and fashion and style are threaded throughout our lives.

As we dug into brownies and sipped on smoothies yesterday, we came up with the thought that maybe we should focus on planning smaller our potlucks!

Every so often, us chicks get together at someone's house, bring a dish and a bottle of wine, and catch up, vent, scream, dream, get/give advice, and summon all the energy, love, and inspiration to keep our lives abundant.

We're planning the first potluck for July 24, so do keep your calendars open. Each guest will be asked to tote a bottle of wine, and snacks, cheese, and good company will be provided. Hope to see you there!

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