Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ensembling - Juj it up!!!

Over the weekend, us gals got together (we've humbly dubbed ourselves the PPC - Purple Power Center...sort of our she-woman alter egos.....) and had the first of what will likely be seasonal fashion wardrobe interventions.

Our gal Ezzie (also my spunky funky roommate) is tremendously gifted with a diverse selection of garb - very colorful, feminine, with a bit of artsy hipster flare. Unfortunately, she's suffers from what most women go through each morning....what to wear?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

So we set aside some time on Sunday to have a Fashion Intervention.......First, brunch! Jamie and Becky came over to a wonderfully healthy brunch of bagels, smoked salmon, and scrambled eggs.....delish!

Then the intervention began.
  1. Ez and I had laid out her entire wardrobe in the living room. Dressy tops hanging on a clothing rack, casual tops folded and laid out store-style according to color, skirts and pants laid out on the couch (solids arranged separate from patterns), 10-15 pairs of dress shoes in the corner, and an accessories station set up on a nearby table.

  2. The girls had 20 minutes to piece together as many ensembles as possible, keeping Ez's objectives in mind (dress like she's an architect from Paris, encompassing a sexy and rock n' roll feel, and incorporating brilliant color and pattern combinations).

  3. Next, we had the pleasure of watching our gal strut her stuff in 40+ ensembles that we had assembled. It was GREAT!

Talk about an awesome way to spend a Sunday....
with friends, fashion, and lots of FUN!